Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling

April – May 2008

Steel Magnolias is Robert Harling’s beloved story of six Louisiana women and their ups and downs as they unfold at the neighborhood beauty salon.

M’Lynn: Becky Scholtec
Shelby: Lindsay Fox
Truvy: Julia Noyce
Annelle: Lindsey N. Johnson
Clairee: Juli Hale
Ouiser: Barbara Merril Wagne

Director: Jessie Phillips
Assistant Director: Josh Visnapuu
Set Design: James Stephenson
Lighting Design: Zach Leiser
Costume Design: Sarah Noll Wilson
Props: Marietta Wilson
Hair Consultant/Props Assitant: Sue Kauzlar
Sound Design: Jeff Phillips
Board Operator: Josh Visnapuu
Stagehand: Scott Hoyt