Seedlings Children’s Theatre

Tallgrass Theatre Company is excited to offer Seedlings children’s theatre programming in conjunction with West Des Moines Parks & Recreation. The Seedlings program is led by two experienced theatre professionals, Naima Nicholson and Maranda Turner. Both have a wide range of children’s theater, education, and performance experience.

Registration begins Tuesday, March 2 at 8:00 a.m. – WDM RESIDENTS ONLY
Registration begins Tuesday, March 16 at 8:00 a.m. – NON-RESIDENTS

Play in a Week

Does your child have a flair for the dramatic? Here’s a chance to get them involved in theater, without a long-term commitment. Led by experienced drama instructors, kids will bring an original, age-appropriate script to life. Throughout the week, they will work to develop their characters and interact with others to create the show, which will be based on this year’s theme, “Snow White Four Ways”. Each of the four camp sessions will tell part of Snow Whites story from a different character’s perspective. All four places will be performed for family and friends on Friday night and Saturday morning at no charge (performance details to be provided at the beginning of camp). Families of AM camps are invited to Friday 7PM performance, PM camps to a Saturday 10AM performance.

Queen’s ViewID #165997/26-7/30M-F 9AM-12PM7-16$90Activity Center
Grumpy’s ViewID #165987/26-7/30M-F 9AM-12PM7-16$90Activity Center
Bird’s-Eye ViewID #166007-26-7/30M-F 1-4PM7-16$90Activity Center
Mirror’s View (Shadow Puppet)ID #166017/26-7/30M-F 1-4PM10-16$90Activity Center

Fabulously Funny Fairy Tale Plays

Who doesn’t love a good fairy tale? What if they aren’t quite the stories we grew up with? Your child can show off their acting skills while telling the story of Little Late Riding Hood or Goldilocks and the Three Bullfrogs. Led by experienced drama instructors, this fun camp will teach kids about all the different aspects of being in a place, from auditioning to memorizing lines and picking costumes and props. This week-long camp will culminate in a free performance for family and friends on Saturday, 8/7, at 6PM, at the Jamie Hurd Amphitheater (performance details will be provided at the beginning of camp).

ID #166028/2-8/6M-F 9AM-12PM7-16$90Activity Center
ID #166038/2-8/6M-F 1-4PM7-16$90Activity Center