A Simple Matter of Fear by Kay Rhoads

January – February 2008
Winner of the 2nd Annual Iowa Playwrights Workshop

A Simple Matter of Fear is the story of a soldier during World War II who goes AWOL from the army and hides in the attic of his father’s small-town home. Based on an actual incident that happened during WWII, the play follows multiple characters as they struggle with their feelings about war—the father who feels his son should do his duty, the son who is afraid, the sisters with wavering views, and the town resident who loses his young son in the war and lashes out on the family.

Will: Scott Hoyt
Martin: Jordan Jepson
Ruth: Sarah Lepert
Annie: Savannah Wadsworth
Effie: Etta Berkowitz
Beoni: Josh Visnapuu
Ash: Erich Goldstein

Director: Maranda Miller
Rehearsal Assistant: Abby Clayton
Set Design: Tim Phifer
Lighting Design: Zach Leiser
Costume Design: Jessie Phillips
Props: Erin Bishop
Sound Design: Jeff Phillips