Lonely Planet by Steven Dietz

September 30 – October 15th, 2011

This compassionate play reveals friendship and fear in the age of AIDS. Jody is in his forties and runs a map store. Not one for the outside world, Jody stays in his map store all the time. His friend, Carl has been bringing chairs of dead friends into Jody’s store and leaving them there. When Jody needs to take an AIDS test, Carl tries to convince him it is not only okay to leave the store but also that he must take responsibility for his life, or he will join the set of chairs that are gradually filling the store. Through their interaction, the two realize how grateful they are to have such a strong lasting friendship.

Jody: John Claes
Carl: Jeffrey L. Campbell

Director: Ron Gilbert
Stage Manager: Jenny Burton
Assistant Stage Manager: Megan Ruda
Set Design: Ryan Hawkins
Costumes/Props: Jodi Johnson, Megan Hartwig
Lighting Design: Ron Gilbert
Sound Design: Ron Gilbert, Jordan Jepson