Hillary: A Modern Greek Tragedy by Wendy Weiner

January 2016 – February 2016
Tallgrass Theatre Company’s Third Annual Dream Project: In collaboration with The Rising Phoenix Theatre Company and featuring actors Amanda Julson & Lyra Halsten

Just in time for the Iowa Caucuses! Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, and Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, have been at war since time immemorial. When a young girl named Hillary Rodham devotes herself to Athena alone, Aphrodite takes revenge by having her fall in love with a man of mythical charm and appetites: Bill Clinton.


Hillary: Mandy Julson
Athena: Lyra Halsten
Aphrodite: Ayriel Everett
Bill Clinton: Eric Olson
Greek Chorus: Adam Bielgard, Mary Good Chase, Kyle Chizek, Emily Davis, Juli Hale, and Ian Shields


Director: Stacy Brothers
Stage Manager/Production Manager: Kelly Mayhew
Scenic Design: Stacy Brothers and Thomas D. Perrine
Lighting Design: Ty Klobassa and Erica Spiller
Properties: Joy Kripal
Costumes:  Mellinda Ziegenfuss
Sound Design: Carly Demro
Hair: Heidie Swihart
Makeup: Erika Hotchkin
Technical Director: James Stephenson