Eating Raoul by Paul Bartel, Jed Feuer and Boyd Graham

April 2013 – May 2013
Tallgrass Theatre Company’s FIRST-EVER Musical!
“Sink your teeth into EATING RAOUL” – The Culture Buzz Review

The cult film classic has new life as a zany musical. The Blands want to open a restaurant, but they need cash. Suppose they lure weirdos to their apartment to kill and rob them? Soon, they are a financial success, but disposing of the bodies is a problem. Enter their devious apartment super, Raoul, with a proposition: he will take care of the corpses for a cut (when he’s not performing at a tacky nightclub). The partnership runs amok—who will Mary bop with the frying pan?? WARNING: This show contains adult content and innuendo and is not appropriate for children under 16.

Mary: Megan Helmers
Paul: Charlie Reese
Raoul: David Kaniuk
Donna/chorus: Megan Hartwig
Inez/chorus: Lauren Kacere
Gladys/chorus: Andrea Rickey
Ginger/chorus: Trey McCracken
Howard/chorus: Tyler Kirkholm
Bobby/chorus: Joshua Ster
Yolanda/chorus: Bailey Dean
James/chorus: Dave Brooks
Metermaid/chorus: Kristin Gredys

Piano/Musical Director: Brianne Magel
Keyboard: Brenda McConahay
Bass: Nick Wilson
Guitar: Mariyn Jerome
Drums: Tim Van Haecke

Director: Jessie Phillips
Musical Director: Brianne Magel
Stage Manager: Kelly Mayhew
Choreography: Andrea Rickey, Stephanie Ferraro, Megan Helmers
Technical Director: James Stephenson
Set Designer: Ryan Hawkins
Lighting Designer: Erica Spiller
Sound Designer: Ryan Schmitz
Properties: Dawn Kearns
Costumes: Marietta Wilson
Audio/Video Production: Nick Wilzon, David Altemeier