Death and the Mainden by Ariel Dorfman

April 2010

Death and the Maiden is a complex psychological battle of wills between Paulina Salas, her husband, Gerardo, and Dr. Miranda, a seemingly friendly stranger who provided Gerardo with a ride home after a car breakdown. Trouble begins when Paulina claims to recognize Miranda’s voice and accuses him of torturing her during her days as a prisoner of her country’s former government. Dr. Miranda denies knowledge of such events, but Paulina is determined to have her revenge. Gerardo is caught in the middle, forced to decide if his wife is telling the truth or reacting irrationally due to her past trauma. The confrontation and shifts in power between the three inevitably raises issues of justice and revenge, especially in relationship to the punishment of war criminals.

Paulina: Becky Scholtec
Gerardo: Bob Baskerville
Dr. Miranda: Mark Littlejohn