Prelude to a Kiss by Craig Lucas

October – November 2008

Nominated for a Tony Award for Best Play in 1990,Prelude to a Kiss is a romantic fantasy about Peter and Rita. Following their storybook wedding, an elderly man congratulates Rita with a kiss and, by a quirky twist of fate, the kiss affects a soul switch. Rita finds herself living in the old man’s body and the old man in hers. To complicate matters, the old man is dying. Peter must think fast to reverse the spell.

Peter: Gabe Thompson
Rita Kellie Kramer
Dr. Boyle: Josh Visnapuu
Mrs. Boyle: Corissa Thompson
Old Man: John Butz
Taylor: Zach Leiser
Uncle Fred: Scott Hoyt
Aunt Dorothy: Ronda Stelter
Leah: Maranda Miller
Tom, Minister, Waiter: Jordan Jepson

Director: Rob Gilbert
Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Juliana Hale
Scenic Design: James Stephenson
Lighting Design: Tracy Stewart
Sounds Design: Ron Gilbert and Nathan Ohrt
Orginal Music: David Altemeier
Costume Design: Maranda Miller and Angela Tietjens
Props: Lindsay Fox
Hari: Annalisa Bergland
Makeup: Lori Johnston
Board Operators: Juliana Hale and Nathan Ohrt